April 27 - july 31, 2013

In the digital environment there are essentially two ways of looking on artistic creation: the first (widespread) resembles the photographic and videographic production, ie, sees digital as more a process than a product or purpose. For artists who are identified with this type of procedure, face the computer equipment as a tool, whose product is always an object: a printed photograph, a CD, DVD. So, do not view digital media as an end but as a means by which they produce their works. Thus, this type of artists are not fully digital. They move freely between two worlds, the digital and the objectual, the first depending on the other.
Examples of this are the first manifestations of electronic art, which, for example, in the case of Nam June Paik, deal with electronic procedures on their own equipment: ie Paik videos appeared not separated from the equipment in which they were presented. These were part of the work. In a sense one could say that the video gave consistency to the presentation of the device (in this case the television). Or was it the opposite?
Another type of artist is the one that moves entirely in the digital medium. These are the artists that produce exclusively their work on / by digital means.

The UAVM and FONLAD FESTIVAL resolved in its 4th collaboration to present an exhibition simultaneously virtual and physical: virtual, as all works will be presented in the digital space of the Virtual Museum; physic, because these same works are reinterpreted by the artists (in partnership with Curator’s Festival / Museum) and presented on physical media, giving it a new dimension; works that could be presented in television screens, computer monitors, digital photo frames, projected against walls, ceilings, floors, trunks, ladders, mirrored surfaces or printed on several media, from photo paper to stickers / vinyl, etc.