Impositions, analog photographs digitaly presented, 2011

In the debris of one of Patras’ most expensive restaurants, small advertising placards of famous accessories found at the rubbish, are being placed on the walls, as traces of a past where the world of “life-style was the norm. The photos of the result reflect what is now the common reality for the city (and the country): relics of a fabulous past (both in antiquity and some years ago) that are offhandedly “hidden” by representations of the era they belonged. A correspondence of a touristic “view” on contemporary reality.

Dimitrios Bampilis born in Athens, Greece in _1985. Lives and Works in Thessaloniki, Greece. He has  a Bachelor in Theatre Studies by Patras University, School of Humanities and Social Sciences.
Works with performing arts regularly since (year) 2003. Major exhibitions / events: In-VADE-art, Patras, Greece, 2009; Pimp my Can, Thessaloniki, Greece, 2012;  Music and Musicians, Athens, Greece, 2013.