Cyber Human Forms - Web Art Show

Participating artists: A. Bill Miller, Aaron Oldenburg, Alan Bigelow, André Sier, Barry Smylie, Chiara Passa, David Clark, Evi Apostolou, Henrique Roscoe, Katalin Tesch, Ian Filtman, Ismael Louti, Jason Nelson, Jody Zellen, Michael Filimowicz, Michael Takeo Gruder, Monika Mausolf, Stefen Riebel.

7 Oct. - 26 Dec. 2010

The body has been increased, invaded, and now becomes a host not only by technology but also by remote agents. As the Internet provides multiple forms, interactive display, connect and retrieve information and images, you can now allow unexpected ways of access, connect and get the body itself. And instead of posing online as a way to satisfy desires outdated metaphysical disembodiment, offers, on the contrary, powerful individual and collective strategies for projecting body presence and the dissolution of the ego, but generates new collective physical links and a scaling telematic subjectivity. What becomes important is not merely the identity of the body, but its connectivity; not its mobility or location, but its interface ...
(Stelarc in Visions parasitic alternating experiences, intimate and involuntary, Ars Telematica (edited by Claudia Giannetti), L'angel, Barcelona, 1998)

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