May 19 - August 26. 2012

The Unknown Artist Virtual Museum, in partnership with the Fonlad Festival present the on line show "Performing Acts on Photography), a photographic show centered on the relation between new technologies, art and the body.

The multidisciplinary performing arts are continuously instigated by new technologies. If the body were originally the relationship with the public and the unexpected major components of performative action, with time became constant the embodiment in every work of art - including photography. However, the characteristic ambiguity of photography, this is not expressed in a single form of performance art. In this context, we can identify four types of events: the documental, the creation of a photographic subject as a result of a performative action, the performance in portrait photography and the application of the concept of everyday performative photography as an object.
(Sara Magno in Performance on Portrait Photography, Tela Habitada, January 2011)