Pay No Attention To That Man Behind The Curtain by Sarah Boothroyd
Sound Art, 2008

This audio art collage mixes printing press rhythms and spoken word with interview scraps that would usually be edited out of a journalistic radio segment, including material that draws attention to the technical and interpersonal machinations of reporting. It's a behind-the-scenes view of journalism, which is a process of editing and selecting, rather than transmitting a complete record to the public.
Special thank's to Cedric Peyronnet for providing the original printing press audio clips.  


Sarah Boothroyd's work is frequently heard on CBC Radio in Canada, and has also been featured on BBC Radio 4, Resonance FM, Chicago Public Radio, and on the Deep Wireless CD compilations. Her sound art has been presented at various radiophile gatherings, including the International Features Conference and the Radio Without Boundaries Festival. Boothroyd’s talents have been recognized in competitions held by New Adventures in Sound Art, the Canadian Association of Broadcasters, the Canadian Association of Journalists, and the European Broadcasting Union.